Are you ready to become a part of a rising current of ideas, events and initiatives that could push the world in a positive direction?

We want you with us, as a speaker, participant, volunteer, sponsor—or all of the above.

Where you fit along that continuum of commitment naturally depends on your energy, passions and resources. Think about that, and then convince us why we should take you

on board.

Firstly we believe that TEDxKabulUniversity

is so much more than just a conference; we actually want the ideas presented on stage to become reality as much as possible, so we are looking at creating the right environment for that to happen.
b) when selecting our audience, we’re looking at a specific kind of diversity – people from different sectors – who, when pooled together, represent the right synergy and potential for ideas to really germinate.

c) we’re also looking for real innovators; people with a track record of taking bold ideas to fruition.
We definitely don’t want TEDxKabulUniversity

to be an elitist event; and we do want to make it accessible to as many people as possible.


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 2021 Speakers applications are now closed but we are accepting speaker nominations for our upcoming TEDX Kabul University events. If you want to be a part that great event, you can register yourself to be considered for our next year's event.




Interested in covering TEDx Kabul University events? please send a request including your name , media affiliations and proposed areas of coverage to 

info@tedxkabuluniversity.com .