How can I get a ticket?


Tickets to TEDxKabulUniversity are through filling application form and invitation only. We’re interested in bringing together as diverse an audience as possible, as we really want as many of the ideas as possible to come to fruition. Therefore we’re selecting a range of people who can help make this a reality.


What makes you an ideal audience and potential attendee?


We're selecting our participants based on the following criteria:

- Be from the community where we holding our TEDx event. 

- Be diverse by demographic, ethnicity, and background.

- Have an interest in the theme, topics or speakers that we're bringing to the stage. 

- Support and value community-building and deep conversation.

- Be impacted by our TEDx event in a life-changing (or even world-changing) way

- Carry our event’s “ideas worth spreading” out into the world.



I went last year, will I get invited this year?

Not automatically. We’re starting the invitation list from scratch, and you can apply again on www.TEDxKabulUniversity.com website in order to be considered for invitation again this year.


I think I’ve got what it takes to be in the audience. How can I be considered for the invitation list?

We invite you to apply through a registration form on our website, listing out your details and then providing a summary on why you think you should attend. We’ll then consider all profiles created and come up with a short list. Registration dates will be announced soon.


I’ve received contact asking me to ‘confirm my seat.’ Does this mean that I’m coming?

If you receive an email asking you to confirm your seat, then you’re invited and can come. However, you need to confirm your seat before the due date mentioned in the email.


If I miss out on a ticket, how else can I watch the event?

The talks will be available online after the event.




Being a Speaker


How can I be a speaker?


Selecting our speakers to TEDxKabulUniversity are through filling nomination form and invitation only. We’re looking for folks who have made an impact in the world. And we’re looking for presenters to inspire our audience to continue pursuing their own vision for impacting the world around them.

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How can I be part of TEDxKabulUniversity's organizing team?


TEDxKabulUniversity is powered by a growing team of dedicated volunteers. If you’d like to be one of them, please send us an email, and tell us a little about yourself and how you can contribute to the event. Possible areas to consider include planning, translation, interpretation, space design, PR, social media, speaker hospitality – to name but a few.