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Our nomination form for 2021 has been ended. We are seeking inspiring speakers and performers for our upcoming TEDxKabulUniversity events. You can fill the speaker nomination form for 2022 by clicking here!


Our goal: Ultimately, we’re looking for folks who have made an impact in the world. And we’re looking for presenters to inspire our audience to continue pursuing their own vision for impacting the world around them.


Use the above link to suggest a speaker or to nominate yourself. If you do not know the individual personally but feel they have something to say and should be heard, share what you do know and why you think they should be a TEDxKabulUniversity speaker. We do not have a deadline for nominations, but note that speakers are typically finalized at least 40 days prior to each upcoming event.


TEDx speakers should understand these set TED rules: All talks are 18 minutes or less, with most being in the 15-minute range. We have seen 5-minute talks be insanely powerful. The max time each speaker is allotted will be dictated by the total time of the event divided by the total number of speakers and other components of the program.

Dr. Bashir A. Ansari

President of the Afghanistan Origination for the Culture Peace and Moderation


He has established the department of Dialog and the Voice of Wisdom: A center for dialogue, peace and understanding in the OIC which is the largest international organization after the UN. Mr. Ansari is a former Afghan diplomat and has written more than ten books and over 100 articles on culture, religion, radicalization, politics and identity.
Be a part of TEDxKabulUnirsity 2021 to witness Mr. Bashir Ansari give an indispensable look into does religion unite or divide us.

Mr. Obaidullah Baheer

Political Analyst and Lecturer of Peace, Conflict Resolution and Transitional Justice in Kabul


He holds a postgraduate degree in International Relations from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia where he majored in Peace and Negotiation. He has also lectured at UNSW on "Afghanistan's War and It's Possible End" where he received the Dean's Excellence Award. He has spoken at multiple national and international forums and media platforms. Mr. Baheer believes that Justice is elusive when nations disregard their circumstances and want to reach an absolute level of it.
Be a part of TEDxKabulUniversity 2021 to witness Mr. Obaidullah Baheer give an indispensable look into "The art of Peacemaking".

Dr. Tayeb Khan

Youth Activist, Lecturer and HR Expert


He holds a master degree in HR from Linnaeus University, Sweden and has a PhD in Organizational Management from Anadolu University, Turkey. He's working on reinventing HR for the future of work to redesign people and HR strategy for Job Creation. He believes that talent base recruitment motivates Job candidates to access the position they would traditionally blocked from and today's classic recruitment should be changed to modern (Talent Base) recruitment.
Be a part of TEDxKabulUniversity 2021 to witness Dr. Tayeb Khan's give an indispensable look into "Transforming Traditional Recruitment to Talent Base Recruitment in Afghanistan".

Mr. Imtiaz Sharifi

Lecturer, Coach and President of C4A Think Tank


He has nearly 18 years wealth of experience in public and private sector working in many continents of the world, but he has chosen to work in his home country and work towards a better sustainable future of Afghanistan. Mr. Sharifi is also a resource person and coach at United Nations Institute of Training and Research, where he has given many lectures to the UNITAR Afghanistan Fellowship Programme, where the fellowship is a long-term leadership, organisational management and capacity building initiative to empower citizens to become a better professional and agent of change in Afghanistan. He has been awarded the Medal of United Nations Sustainable Development Champion.
He will give an indispensable look into shaping a better future of Afghanistan through think tanks.

Mr. Niranjan Dev Bharadwaj

Author, Environmentalist and TEDx Speaker


Mr. Bharadwaj presently works as a Distinguished Advisor for Global Foundation for Advancement of Environment and Human Wellness, India. He is an expert in Environmental Protection and also the author of the book Environmental Ethics and Indian's Perspective on Environment. he is giving his talk because he feels that nearly 670 years after the European Renaissance all across, We today need Environmental Renaissance all across the globe and it will be a prominent distinction that the ideology of Environmental Renaissance starts from here, Afghanistan.he will give an indispensable look into "Environmental Renaissance and Pandemic Crisis".

Mr. Matiullah Rahmaty

Social Entrepreneur, Cross Border Mentor, Writer, and Impact Investor


He is an expert in Entrepreneurship Development in emerging markets with more than 7 years of professional experience working with a range of clients from startups to international agencies such as United Nations and World Bank while leading national and international platforms.
Mr. Rahmaty believes entrepreneurs are change-makers with the potential to impact their communities, and they can rise even from fragile contexts.
Be a part of TEDxKabulUniversity 2021 to witness Mr. Matiullah Rahmaty's give an indispensable look into "How Entrepreneurs Can Rise From Fragility".